Fuck These Feet! #6

Released at: April 7, 2014 by Pulse Pictures
In the steaming hot sauna while sweat is gleaming over our naked bodies I feel incredibly horny looking at your hard darting cock! Before I let you worship the holiest of holes I want you to focus on the object of your ultimate affection, my well manicured sexy feet. You know that attached to your goddess' meticulously shaved legs are two of these precious feet for your enjoyment! I will slide a pair of ultra soft pampered soles around your stiff bulging prick. Just the feeling of ten little piggies jerking it and caressing your heavy sperm filled balls are all you want now. The pleasure must be so intense! Soon you're going to decorate the objects of your perversion with a fresh glaze of pearly ball batter. Now let me bend over backward so that you can lick clean the fresh pussy cream dripping down my legs. Isn't this heaven?

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