Fun With Cum

Released at: May 7, 2021 by Girls Got Cream
There are girls who like the finer things in life. And then there are the likes of Lauren, Alison, Keri and Medalyn, whose desires are definitely much more basic. Which is exactly why you horny fuckers are gonna love them so much, believe us. No doubt about it, these young sluts really cant get enough dick to satisfy their cravings; and they're more than happy to prove the point time and again, as they suck and fuck over and over again like the natural-born whores they've always been. What's more, they've no aversion to the resultant spunk that comes from their wild, unrepentant actions; savoring every last drop in each and every hole. The result is a top-notch filth-fest that's gonna have you knocking one out in no time!

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