Fun With Hot Wax & Isabella

Released at: December 29, 2017 by A Wizard of Ass
Isabella looks like an angelic, old-fashioned schoolgirl ? but the moment she opens her mouth, you know that she's an insolent mega-brat with a rotten attitude! The Headmaster sets out to straighten her attitude with an extended corporal punishment ? only to discover that smartass Isabella is a pa in slut! Fortunately, a punishment enema reaches Isabella in a way that spanking alone doesn't... Isabella punishment starts out with OTK spanking and paddling, using a ping-pong paddle and a wooden paddle. Since her insolence remains unabated, the Headmaster positions her swung over a large wedge, ties her up and brings out riding crops, a wooden spoon, a large wooden paddle, a cane, a whip (flogger), and a large belt. But, if anything, Isabella's foul mouth gets worse, and then she even starts smiling! She finally even admits that she likes it... The Headmaster in turn admits, "Sometimes I meet girls who cannot be disciplined with spanking alone, because they like it!" And that's when he reaches for the enema bag! First, for extra humiliation, he destroys her pussy with a wand vibrator. When she complains that she needs to p ee, he makes her p ee into a bucket, while still hogtied. To finish up, hot wax (while still hogtied) and a lit candle up her pussy!

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