Gangland 30

Released at: April 22, 2002 by Devil's Film
Tall, leggy, Ashley Long -- Indecently erotic, blonde and British! Surrounded and seriously out-numbered as three hard-hung mocca studs vie for her green-eyed attention. Her extremely elastic asshole is the main focus of their desires and she is the rare meat of their sandwich. She takes the squeeze with incredible ease and fixes her gaze on he who spunks upon her fair face. Estelle hails from France. She has a pretty face, but is so petite, one wonders how she will survive the impending three-gangster onslaught which is now upon her. One is absolutely astounded when she takes two monster dicks in that rosy little pussy as a prelude to some of the noisiest double donging ever. Only sperm silences her. Greg has no more energy and calls in the crew to take care of dirty talking English nymphomaniac Donna Marie. She is waiting for them on a high, roof top garden with amazing views. The guys giggle nervously, but not for long as she goes to work on their tumultuous black todgers, even taking two in her cunt together. Her whole body is blushing when they finally seed-splatter her!!

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Angel Long

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