Gangland 77

Released at: March 22, 2011 by Devil's Film
There's an alley deep in the heart of gangland that cute girls should never go down. An alley so forbidden that you will literally pay with your body. Your pussy will be blown out, your asshole will be relentlessly pounded and your mouth will be used as a cum dump from enormous black cocks! But then, you might like it!Angelica Black try's to sell magazine's to the gang. She insults them by commented that they can't read or have no money. They tell her she must apologize for her insulting remarks. If she does them they will buy all of her magazines. Courtney Taylor gets lost in the wrong area and she explains she wants to join an anti gang group. They tell her she can get initiated to their gang. Violet Monroe gets caught trespassing on the gang's property. They love her red hair and pretty white skin. First time for her to get gang banged in Gangland.

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