Garden Party, The

Released at: January 31, 2001 by Adam & Eve
A buyer, banker and a broker find a diary that reveals the erotic lives of a large, secluded estate. In 1912 an art photographer (Eric Price) is seduced by a buxom suffragette (Jill Kelly), with mouth-watering fellatio and a tight backdoor. In the future, a striking purple coifed fem-alien (Raylene) with chrome breasts and no other hair gorges herself on two bio-tech studs. Shayla LaVeaux has a night rendezvous with Angela Austin and a pink jelly double-dong. Lithe newcomer Carli enters a tryst with Asia Carrera and Christina Angel - whose body stocking reveals a special opening. Don't miss the diary-induced orgy when their business suits cum off for anal sex and lesbian licks.

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