Georgia Jones Pantyhose #3

Released at: May 9, 2009 by Playtime Video
Georgia Jones is sultry and slow and ready for action wearing a slinky red dress, sheer nude pantyhose and black high heels. You better get your dick out and get it hard right now she says. She's not waiting this time. She spares no mercy on you as she slides her dress up over her perfect ass and spreads her legs open. She slides her hand under the hose and spreads her pink before peeling away the dress and busting her vibrator through the crotch of her pantyhose. Georgia is feeling playful here. She says her energy level is excited and she is going to make you feel the same way. She starts off playing peek-a-boo between her legs as she slides her leotard to the side and shows you what's under her black pantyhose. She imitates you jerking off and uses both her hands to grip it real tight. The leotard comes off and so do her socks for a little foot play. Cum on my face she says and then grabs the camera and takes you into her wet pussy. Her hand slides under the hose and the fingers slide deep inside as she bangs this scene good bye. Georgia is that stuck up slutty cheerleader that you would fuck like crazy. She takes you up her skirt to the cotton crotch panel in her black pantyhose and begins to tell you how naughty she is. Then, she stands up over the top of you and squats down on your face while snapping away at her pantyhose. She slides her hand down the hose and tears through the crotch panel just enough to fit her big pink toy into her juicy little hole. She tells you to grab a video camera and film yourself while you cum alongside her.

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