Georgia On My Mind

Released at: May 22, 2012 by Bob's Videos
Monica Sweetheart opens this refreshingly different film with a quickie... a 5 minute Marlboro Light while she sits in front of her fireplace in the late afternoon sun... you'll see more of her soon in upcoming releases, and she sets the stage here for some unusual smoking variety. Familiar friend Mary Jane and newcomer Frankie Dashwood give one another a "smoke bath". It was Frankie's first ever lesbian photo shoot, and she was a bit nervous, so this seemed like a relaxing way for the 2 girls to get to know each other better. M J smokes an exotic cork filter and Frankie opts for a couple of long dark Mores. Dear friend Jamie Lynn is back for a tongue in cheek gym workout... with her smokes and a beer... she doesn't smoke nearly enough, but she's so nice to look at, I doubt you'll notice. And finally welcome back (she first appeared in ~~Bambi And Thumper~~) Georgia for the final 1/2 of this film, and you'll find out why she's "on my mind" after you see both of her scenes. First she smokes a Salem long white in nylons WITH white ankle socks, and later gets much more interactive with her hot and smokey mouth and brings this film to a slurpy conclusion.

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Scene1: 00:06:59 - 00:23:34 (16:35)

Scene2: 00:23:39 - 00:44:07 (20:28)

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Scene4: 01:33:32 - 01:38:45 (5:13)