Getting Through To Bailey

Released at: April 1, 2014 by Society SM
Bailey Bradshaw is a kinky young lady...she just doesn't know how kinky yet...she thought she had been through it all in her own young kinky life...but she learns quickly that BDSM could be something that she hasn't truly even encountered yet. In the first two scenes, it seems Bailey is almost in shock. It takes her a bit to get comfortable in this new world of total restraint and Feenix plays her well by testing with clamps and floggers. In the 3rd scene Bailey peaks--maybe it was the leg spreading bondage, maybe it was the trap around her neck, maybe it was the pussy clamps that Feenix rigs into a zipper down her leg...whatever it was, Bailey seemed to find her place. Then we get the shrieks and moans, the convulsions and loss of control. In the last scene, Feenix rigs her into an amazing pretzel tie and takes his time to finish off her swollen and sensitive pussy with more orgasms.

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