Girl Girl Sex 300

Released at: March 4, 2021 by abbywinters
Kneeling in front of each other in bed. Chelsea and Marine get closer and closer until they feel their breasts pressing against each other's and they can squeeze firmly their bums. Laying on her back, Marines closes her eyes as she feels Chelsea's wet tongue moving down her body towards her vulva to give her a passionate oral. Turning around, Chelsea lays on all fours and begins to moan in pleasure as she feels Marine's hand being rubbed against her wet pussy before being fingered passionately from behind. As their excitement grows, the girls turn into a 69, licking each other until they can no longer hold an intense orgasm. Sitting behind Maddie, Sarah combs her hair and gently caresses her neck with her soft fingers. Slowly turning around, Maddie raises one leg and we catch a glimpse of her panties and pubic region before she kisses Sarah passionately. Turning around Sarah lets Maddie unzip her dress and slite it down her slender body, laying on all fours wearing nothing but her cotton panties. Sitting behind Sarah, Maddies pulls down her panties and dives her in between Sarah's bum cheeks, licking Sarah's vulva. Turning around, now it's Maddie's turn to lay on all fours, while Sarah fingers her ass and licks her from behind, making Maddie moan asking for more.

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