Girl Girl Sex 303

Released at: April 28, 2021 by abbywinters
Doing the split on the couch, Francisca smiles while Elin opens her legs wide apart, both girls displaying their extreme flexibility. Getting closer to Elin, Franciska places her soft lips on Elin's, while Elin's hands grab her by her round bum Lying on her back, Elin closes her eyes while Franciska sits on her, placing her immaculate shaved vulva on her face and squirming in pleasure as she feels Elin's wet tongue moves around her vulva. Sitting on the floor and closing her eyes, Charlee exhales deeply as she feels Holly's sweet kisses on her nipples. Holly smiles and looks back at Charlee with desire before turning around and laying on her back, with her girly ponytails resting between her breasts, while Charlee caresses her pubic region. Crawling on all fours, Holly pushes her round bum back, giving access to her hairy vulva from behind to Charlee, who fingers her energetically making her moan and squirm as she is getting closer to reach a powerful orgasm.

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