Girl Girl Sex 327

Released at: April 18, 2022 by abbywinters
Scene 1: Danna and Zhen have decided to share their wardrobe of colorful clothes, and Danna finds a pink top she thinks will look great on her Asian friend. Zhen's eyes light up as Donna ubuttons her top and removes her bra, and the top indeed looks lovely against her toned tummy. Danna repays Zhen by unzipping her denim shorts and slipping her hand inside, then drops them to the floor. Scene 2: As Justina ----- Chelsea's incredibly long hair, she gives her soft kisses all over: on her neck, her forehead and finally her mouth. She tugs down Chelseas tight tank top and squeezes her bra, feeling the weight of her breasts, then removes it and sucks her nipples. Chelsea bends Justina over and pulls down her thong panties, and then gently nibbles her many lips.

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