Girls Of The Great White North - Featuring Mandy Moore

Released at: June 5, 2014 by 7th Street Media
It's time to take off to the great white north with Canada's sexiest brunette, Mandy Moore. She starts off with Jules, a hot blonde. Mandy is eager to fuck Jules with her purple strap-on. Next up is Denise. Mandy and Denise have just finished a workout and are about to unwind on the couch. Mandy is quick to go down on Denise and then get her into a 69 position before they both start using a dildo on themselves and each other. Ivy is a fiery redhead who loves to lick pussy. Mandy puts her in a swing where she uses a dildo on her. Last up with Mandy Moore is Karmella, a super hot, brunette with big nipples who loves to have her pussy played with, especially when it's a dildo.

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