Global Warming Debutantes 29

Released at: September 7, 2011 by Ed Powers Productions
I have found the "New Nasty Bro". This is only the beginning for the New "Nasty Bro" Yvon and I, Ed Powers. We begin the adventure here in ~~Global Warming Debutantes 29~~ with the "twins" Fanny and Tammy from lovely Montreal, and it's all real! Wait till you get a look at the enthusiasm the twins have with their sexuality and their chemistry with the Nasty Bros. They are amazing! Ever since I met Sweet Nikki a while ago and I couldn't get to her first, I wanted to make love to her. Here I have the opportunity! Sweet Niki is hot. Stephanie and Emily show interest in each other in the girl-girl way. This volume is action packed and I am proud to introduce the New Nast Bro, Yvon! Please enjoy!

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