Good, The Bad And The Smothered, The

Released at: February 4, 2014 by Roman Video
Part 1: Mistress Mary Jane is at a hotel trying to work but is having problems with her laptop, so she calls Tech Support from guest services. The tech guy claims he knows computers, but it is obvious to Mary Jane the guy knows nothing except how to catch a peek up her skirt! Mary Jane catches him LOOKING UP HER SKIRT and slaps this so called Tech Support pervert repeatedly (with the camera angle making you feel like the one being slapped) and begins to SMOTHER him with her entire weight, facesitting on the couch, forward and reverse, resting her feet on his legs with all her weight on his face. Next, she throws him down onto the floor for some more hot erotic FACESITTING and begins to wiggle her ass, using his face to GET OFF!! Next, the point of view camera angle puts you underneath Mary Jane as she yells at you for being the worse tech support shes ever had! Watch her come down onto the camera and look up at her as she tells you to worship her pussy and ass! Mary Jane smothers him some more on the bed and GRINDS HER PUSSY on his face until she has another orgasm! She then kicks him down to the ground for some serious ASS WORSHIP and KISSING and shoves his head into her ass and commands him to KISS HER AS. She talks directly into the camera telling you what an ass kissing wimp you are and that she now OWNS YOU that you are her PROPERTY and tells you to stick your tongue deep into her ass as she SPREADS HER CHEEKS WIDE open! She gives you a COUNTDOWN of 5 seconds to CUM while you are worshipping her ass! PART 2: Beautiful, sexy Tall Goddess is trying to relax from a long trip and calls room service for a personal servant. Gaspman arrives as the house servant and Tall Goddess tells him to obey all her commands and to oblige her every whim. Gaspman agrees to anything she says. Tall Goddess takes control immediately by throwing him down onto the bed and begins to SIT ON HIS FACE for EXTENDED FACESITTING. She is a hardcore FACESITTER and when she sits down on your face, she is NOT coming up for a LONG LONG TIME! She SMOTHERS Gaspman forward and reverse, making him accept longer periods of time until he passes out! She keeps him alive (barely) and commands him to WORSHIP and KISS HER ASS! After a few minutes, guess who gets to worship it next? Thats right YOU! Camera angles put you right there as she looks back at the camera and tells you to kiss it, lick it and points to areas on her ass to kiss, telling you NOT TO STOP until she commands you! Tall Goddess continues smothering Gaspman relentlessly, allowing him to only breathe short gasps of air as he wails around struggling to breathe. That only turns Tall Goddess on even more, so she plays with her nipples while he struggles moaning out loud. Next, Tall Goddess looks straight at YOU and tells you to GET OFF THAT KEYBOARD AND GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND KISS HER ASS!! She tells you to worship it as she comes down onto the camera, smothering YOU forward and reverse, telling you to continue WORSHIPPING and KISSING her ass, and that you are now her NEW ASS KISSING SLAVE! She gives you a COUNTDOWN TO ORGASM and you better do it because Tall Goddess will not let you live if you dont! She finishes off Gaspman with very dominating and brutal smothering! She laughs at his ability to only hold his breath for a little time and keeps him down, while he struggles for air laughing at him as she talks about how much she controls his very life! She pulls out a riding crop and begins to whap his cock and balls repeatedly while she sits on his face! The torture and pleasure combined send Gaspman over the edge of ecstacy!

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Mary Jane

Scene2: 00:31:42 - 00:59:41 (27:59)