Goon Squad

Released at: May 8, 2009 by ZFX Productions
After a devastating terrorist attack, the United States is plunged into a perpetual state of conflict by corrupt leaders with the ambiguous goal of wiping out world terrorism. The real agenda is much darker. This was THE moment that the power hungry opportunists had waited for. Using division and fear, the Constitution is secretly suspended through the ironically named "Freedom Act". Anyone who opposes is branded sympathetic to terrorists. Buried deep within its vile text is the funding and legal basis to form vigilante spy groups to suppress political opposition at a local level. All forms of communication are secretly monitored. Widespread surveillance is authorized. Anyone who openly opposes the conflict is labeled a "terrorist" and secretly rounded up for extra-judicial interrogation and detention. The foot soldiers in this campaign of political suppression are a secret group called the Homeland Anti- Terror Expeditionary squad or H.A.T.E. squad. Others refer to them as "The Goon Squad." Since Colleges are home of the liberal intellectual elite, or as the H.A.T.E. squad call them, "The Enemy", they are the primary places used by the Goon Squad to gather information and to choose targets for espionage. This is where our story begins...

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