Granny's Nasty Habits

Released at: April 3, 2012 by Trix Video
  • Studio: Trix Video
  • Duration: 01:00:00
  • Production year: 2011
  • Scene count: 1
  • Cast:
When you are retired, sitting at home with nothing to do then why not just fuck every day and get yourself filled with warm, creamy cum from young, hard cocks! That's what these grannies do on a daily basis and why the hell not?!?! Hot ol' Granny "Trish" overhears her husband trash talk her to the plumber so when her husband leaves, she lets the plumber use his "wrench" on her pussy, only problem is that she gets caught with his cock in her mouth by her husband and their daughter! Next, Granny "Spanks" is sitting on the toilet when her husband walks in with a friend and the two men use her mouth as a cum dump and make her swallow every single drop! Trish is then shown at a local pool hall and bar where she fucks everybody and shows them that even at her age, she still loves feeling their cream run down her throat and in her well fucked pussy and ass! You'll notice she has better uses for the pool table than just playing a game! Trish is out by the pool with her husband. After he leaves, she talks the pool boys into not only cleaning out the pool, but cleaning her out too and the two pool boys get some wet granny pussy, impregnate her several times and then watch as she lies to her unsuspecting hubby. Trish has one more hot scene with not only her young teen girlfriends, but she also gets to fuck their husbands and boyfriends while her husband has to watch and just jerk off! This is an awesome mature Granny DVD and you'll be shocked when you see just how slutty they can be, even with their own family!

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