Grappling Glamazons: Thea Vs. Karla

Released at: September 6, 2010 by Grappling Glamazons
17 inch biceps! 26 inch thighs! 17 inch calves! Thea Bennington and Karla Nelson - 390 lbs of raw feminine muscle - take it to the mat in an explosive battle for supremacy! Feel the power of the world's most muscular women as their magnificent physiques collide in the wrestling ring! These sexy Glamazons punish each other with devastating headlocks, sensuous scissors, smothers and grapevines, straining muscle against muscle! Meeting for the first time, both Karla and Thea are legendary in the bodybuilding world for their size and strength. Both women came into this match undefeated, and there was more than money at stake for these two Grappling Glamazons! The wrestling match the entire world has been waiting for!

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