Greatest Spanking Scenes

Released at: April 17, 2017 by Mr. Skin
You'll be giving yourself a spanking when you see these ripe, round celebrity cans bounce as they take a rhythmic pounding in Mr. Skin's Greatest Spanking Scenes Ever playlist. This 22-scene playlist features a wide range of sexy stars baring their rear ass-ets (as well as rack and rug) as they bend over, lie down, and get draped over guys' knees to receive some stiff discipline. First up is ** Julie DuPage, ** who gets her ass smacked raw by an enraged older man in 1997's Le Jour et la Nuit. Next, ** Jessica Alba ** bares that famous ** Alba ** ass as Casey Affleck throws her onto a bed and whips her bare butt with his belt as she viciously fights back in The Killer Inside Me (2010). Then, check out more from The Killer Inside Me as ** Kate Hudson ** gets a bare hand on her bare butt. Then ** Maggie Gyllenhaal ** pulls down her panties and spanks herself with a brush in the kinky comedy Secretary (2002), Brunette ** Dana Delaney ** ecstatically receives a bare-handed spanking wearing a black silk garter belt and silk stockings while a room full of men watches in Live Nude Girls (1995), ** Joanna Pacula ** cries as she gets her butt spanked by her husband in a rough scene from Husbands and Lovers (1992), ** Syren ** administers a topless spanking to the equally topless ** Charlie Laine ** before tossing her salad in the softcore flick Voodoo Dollz (2008), ** Keira Knightley ** gets some sexual healing from the good Dr. Jung (Michael Fassbender) as he ties her to a bed and spanks her with his belt in A Dangerous Method (2011) ** Yvonne Young Hung ** gets her bare ass rhythmically paddled by two men in A Chinese Chamber Story (1995), Curly-haired brunette ** Meredyth Herold ** bares butt and a hint of bush as her mother spanks her, gags her, a fucks her with a dildo in Singapore Sling (1990), Japanese tart ** Marie Jinno ** bound with rope and whipped with a crop in Tokyo Decameron (1996), ** Zaftig ** French maid ** Rafaella Ponzo ** engages in some kinky lesbian foot play and rubs off her fully nude mistress before a guy comes in and spanks her with a paddle in Private (2003), Topless brunette ** Natalia Bellami ** being spanked in a schoolgirl uniform and pigtails in a roleplay scene from Shapeshifter (2005), Fully nude, fantastically furry Euro tart ** Dinara Drukarova ** kneels over a prayer bench and gets beaten with reeds by an old lady in Of Freaks and Men (1998), Aussie blonde ** Madeline West ** bends over her boyfriend's lap as he pulls down her lace panties and smacks her ass on Underbelly, Two spanking scenes with hot MILF ** Mary-Louise Parker, ** once getting whipped soundly with a belt and fucked bent over a bar, then being draped over her boss's lap and spanked in the back of a limo, on Weeds, Tatted-up punkette ** Melissa Reed ** gets her ass smacked by a dwarf in Feast 2 (2008), Blonde ** Brit Maeve Dermody ** bares boobs and implores her guy to spank her harder in Beautiful ** Kate ** (2009), ** Niki Rubin ** bares tush and shaved bush as she strips down to nothing but a bra and a wig before being spanked in Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008), ** Brigitte Bardot ** gets thrown down onto a bed and has her bare butt spanked in L' Histoire très bonne et très joyeuse de Colinot Trousse-Chemise (1973), And then pretty Polish girl ** Maolgorzata Pritulak ** gets her ass whacked with a frying pan in It's Spring, Sergeant (1974). Finally, Italian eyeful ** Sydne Rome ** gets laid one her lover's lap and smacked silly in La Sculacciata (1974), a fully nude ** Monique van de Ven ** gets a carnation stuck up her ass and then her cheeks spanked hard in Turkish Delight (1973), soft core slut ** Kira Reed ** compares her cans to those of another girl, who then paddles her with a hairbrush, in Cheerleader Ninjas (1998), ** Sean Young ** is roughly tossed on a bed and spanked with one tit hanging out in Love Crimes (1991), ** Natalia ** bares some more boobage smacking her guy around in more footage from SHapeshifter (2005), foxy frau ** Carmen Russo ** bends over to get spanked in sheer white panties in the German flick ** Mia ** mobile torna a scuola (1981), thong-clad blonde ** Sirena Irwin ** gets thrown around like a rag doll and her butt roughly spanked 'til it turns bright red in Whacked (2004), and ** Shavon Ryan ** gives her fellow topless brunette ** Stephanie Restivo's ** jiggling junk a playful smack in National Lampoon's Dirty Movie (2010).

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