Grow A Girlfriend

Released at: July 9, 2020 by House of Fyre
Last weekend you ventured into an antique shop where a strange old man was selling cheap gag toys. You saw a package labeled "Grow a Girlfriend" and you thought it would be a funny gag for your best friend. After all, it was only $2.98. But then this morning you got an odd feeling in your stomach like the package was calling to you. So you filled up a water pitcher, dropped in the toy. It was supposed to take 2 days to grow to full size, but at lunchtime when you walked into your living room, suddenly an actual woman appeared! "Hi! I'm your grow-a-girlfriend. My name is Mallory Sierra. What would you like to do today?" You quickly recover from your shock. "Well, can I see your boobs?" you ask her. You expect her to be mad or to slap you, but instead, she eagerly says, "Absolutely!" and she takes off her bikini top. "What else would you like to do?" she asks. "Would you mind putting some of this oil on your boobs?" you nervously inquire. " Absolutely. I'd love to do that for you." She rubs the oil into her huge breasts, pressing them together. " What would you like me to do with them?" You ask her to put your dick between them. "Anything for you," she replies. " You've got such a nice, big cock. She alternates between a Titjob ' a blowjob. The rest of your experience continues the same way. You make requests, and she eagerly, enthusiastically fulfills them. When you cum between her tits, she smiles and says, "I hope you enjoyed your purchase by Fyre Toys." **~~*Includes a staged outtake from another Mallory scene*~~**

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