Gutter Mouths 2

Released at: November 21, 2000 by JM Productions
I'm a filthy slut so shut up and fuck me. I need cocks in my mouth, I have an oral fixation. Please baby, make my asshole gape! I like blowing cum bubbles. I'm a cum eating whore! Candy & Mila: These are two of the most disgusting whores you'll ever meet. Watch as Candy sucks the cum from Mila's ass and then spits it back into her mouth. Yum! Rage: What can you say about the blond fuckhole, other than she's one hot slut. She's very verbal and loves cock in her mouth and ass. Mila: This little slut is the dirtiest whore I've ever met. Her hobbies include getting D.P.'d and guzzling cum from a glass. Wow, what a pig! Erika Lockett: This girl is a numbskull. Watch as she squeals with glee while getting ass fucked. They don't get dumber then this.

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Julie Rage

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