Guys Seduced By MILFs 8

Released at: September 13, 2011 by N-Studio
Guys Seduced by MILFs are a happy, contented lot. They know that fucking with MILFs is a bankable commodity. Nothing appeals to the male psyche more than a sure thing. With MILFs, they know they don't have to do much but just be present in the moment and deliver when prompted by the MILF. That's because the MILFs are take-charge kind of gals; they know what they want and immediately proceed to the task of getting it. That the guy is in the room with the right equipment is just a mere fact of biology. She takes what she wants; hopefully in the process, the poor schlep will have the opportunity to get something in return. It's no wonder why MILFs succeed just was well in the boardroom as in the bedroom.

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