Hair Pit

Released at: December 13, 2013 by FilmCo
  • Studio: Filmco
  • Duration: 01:27:00
  • Production year: 2013
  • Scene count: 4
  • Cast:
These women don't follow the trend of shaving their pussies. They love their bushy muffs...and will you after you see these hairy honies in action! Hairy pits are the shits. If you like hair, these girls have it to spare. These horny babes are inviting you deep inside their snappy nappy dugouts. So part it down the middle, stroke deep in a hairy muff, pound a furry asshole and cream the fuzz as a reward for a job well done! Wade through the jungle and have a good time because these hairy gals are oh so sublime!

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Scene2: 00:21:49 - 00:44:57 (23:08)

Scene3: 00:44:58 - 01:06:41 (21:43)

Scene4: 01:06:42 - 01:27:03 (20:21)