Hairy Lesbian Lovers

Released at: August 22, 2012 by Channel 69
Channel 69 Video presents "Hairy lesbian Lovers". There are ten women in five lesbian scenes. They have a lot in common, they'll all have hairy pussies and they love to lick it. Vanessa and Regina who appear on the front box cover are first to enjoy their hair. Nika DeVita and Kimmie love to masturbate together. Sonia and Fedena love to use a double headed dildo and beads and love to scissor. Debi D. and Debi to eat each other in the 69 position. They are more mature women. Last an interracial scene between Nikole Richie and Nina Swiss.

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Scene1: 00:04:26 - 00:33:52 (29:26)

Scene2: 00:33:53 - 01:03:58 (30:05)

Scene3: 01:03:59 - 01:24:34 (20:35)

Scene4: 01:24:35 - 01:44:01 (19:26)