Hands-On Experience

Released at: November 1, 2018 by California Star Productions
Killing time now that she is unemployed, today Ann is checking out some of the stores on the block. She notices an interesting looking video store and decides to take a closer look. Inside she is surprised at the decor. The walls are lined with row upon row of colorful video boxes. And for added color, there is an assortment of leather items, ropes, chains and some other strange things. While she is looking at the displayed video boxes, the cute, black female clerk asks Ann if she can help her find anything. Ann confesses she didn't even know these videos existed! So Natalie explains tickling fetish to her. Ann then comments, "Now this is a job I think I can get into". Having appeared in a couple of videos herself, Natalie decides to help Ann out. so today she is closing early! Once the door is locked, Natalie gives Ann an example of what she would be expected to do. Her "firsthand experience" in tickling tease may prove to be invaluable in the months to come.

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