Hazel Tucker 8

Released at: February 21, 2014 by Transational Fantasies
Beautiful TS Hazel Tucker is on the phone telling her friend that her dreams have been so crazy lately. She keeps dreaming she is a stripper. They are so real! Well it's time for a nap and Hazel is back in dreamland fulfilling her naughty fantasy of dancing for strange men and showing off her beautiful body. She gets down and dirty slapping her huge breasts and spitting on them. She is waiting for a stranger to come and suck on those big tranny knockers. Hazel is as wild as they come and swings her hot shemale bubble but around knowing what comes next. Her tranny surprise is revealed! She is the ultimate Dream T Girl. She shoves her panties in your face so you can smell her ass crack. She spits on her she cock some more and then waves her hot love stick around and you want to know what comes next! She wants to open up her tight t girl asshole and has a dirty toy for the job. She opens up her sweet crack and pillages her waiting asshole. Hazel is still in dreamland but she wakes up to her ass open wide and cum all over her tranny cock and a dirty dreamy laugh.

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