Hermione In The Dungeon

Released at: May 7, 2010 by Cum Again UK
Part 1: Hermione's Torment After years without an orgasm, Hermione goes to visit "doctor" Arish. He has a very unusual way to cure ladies of this problem. It entails a visit to his dungeon. There, Hermione's hands are tied to a beam, and then with crop and cane teasing her breasts, bottom, lips and clitoris, she is soon squirming with sensual delight. Her body has now come to terms with multiple orgasms. Part 2: The G-spot Man Hermione is back after the success of her first session. Now "Doctor" Arish moves onto the G-spot. In the dungeon, hands tied, lying on a whipping bench, Arish's subtle fingers soon find her G-spot and his magic works very quickly. In no time, her head thrashes from side to side as her whole body shudders with pleasure. Part 3: Paddled to Orgasm Yet another visit to "doctor" Arish; this time Hermione is to receive the paddle. Back on the bench, legs high in the air, Arish straps her bottom until it glows red. He then examines her to find that she is sopping wet between her legs. He decides to complete the job; his thumb fulfills the requirement with little effort. Part 4: Cumming on the Hoist Hermione's experiences in the dungeon are now extended to the hoist. Swinging gently, securely tied, our good doctor sets to work on her clitoris and G-spot. Hermione just doesn't know what is flooding through her sex starved body. Time and again at a rate set by the doctor, Hermione's body shudders from one orgasm to the next. Her pleasure is so great that she pleads for him to go on and on, until finally she can take no more. Part 5: And Finally the Rogering Hermione's visit to the dungeon with "doctor" Arish is coming to an end. She has had orgasms at every stage and with many different type of equipment; no longer can she claim to be frigid. All that remains is a full, old fashioned rogering by the good "doctor." And of course he is happy to oblige. When his member sinks deep into Hermione, she cums and cums.

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