Hitachi Home Runs #1

Released at: March 21, 2009 by James Girls
MaKayla is the girl your mother warned you about. She is hot, nasty and naughty girl. MaKayla is one of those in you face kind of girls who flaunts her body and sexuality and the body language is "come and get it". MaKayla is petite and perky with huge DD-cup breasts. She loves to show off her body and no matter what you ask her to do, she does it! She has screaming orgasms which would get her thrown out of a hotel or an apartment for excessive noise. She had never used a Hitachi Wand and I suggested she start out on the low setting. She fell in love with it the first time it touched her clit. She came quickly and then again and again. In less than 12 minutes she comes 5 times. The final screaming orgasm almost took the windows out of the room! After a day of shooting Lola Lynn in some hot B/G action I figured she would be all tired out. Boy was I wrong. As a reward for a job well done I offered her a chance to do a little solo action with the Magic Wand. Lola had never played with one before and the results were instant and over the top. She came three times in less than 6 minutes; the last one taking just 45 seconds from contact to orgasm. She wanted a magic wand really bad and I just sent her a new one. She is going to be one very happy girl.

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Lola Lynn