Hitchhiker Spanked

Released at: March 27, 2019 by California Star Productions
Hitching a ride can be risky business and Mary Lou, thumb out, looking sexy and helpless, is about to find out exactly how risky it can be. Especially when you don't mind your manners! Joe, finished working for the day and driving down highway 90, can't help but notice this pretty little thing and stops, offering a ride plus a cup of coffee at his house. He thinks everything is going along beautifully until he finds her going through his wallet. "I don't rightly appreciate that young lady. I could call the sheriff or I could give you a good sound spanking... you choice." Mary Lou's eyes fill with tears as he punishes her bottom with his hand and a very hard paddle until her bottom cheeks quiver with pain and are a crimson red. Mary Lou learns that nineteen is not too old to be spanked and learn a hard lesson!

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