Home Made Girlfriends Vol. 8

Released at: December 28, 2010 by Homemade Media
Real lesbian sex! It doesn't get better than this! Watch these amateur lesbian couples make passionate love just for your viewing pleasure! Ok, well, their own, too. Ever wonder what your girlfriend does while you're not at home? When she says she's going out shopping with her girlfriends, she could be at home getting busy with them. Or maybe, she's just living a double life with a girlfriend on the side. Five pairs of amateur girls who are girlfriends or just friends get together and play with each other and break out the toys, when necessary.

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Scene1: 00:01:11 - 00:19:14 (18:03)

Scene2: 00:19:14 - 00:39:17 (20:03)

Scene3: 00:39:18 - 01:04:38 (25:20)

Scene4: 01:04:38 - 01:21:29 (16:51)

Scene5: 01:21:30 - 01:46:00 (24:30)