Homegrown Video's Amateur Mature Women #3

Released at: March 13, 2013 by Homegrown Video
Michele is a hot and horny older housewife who needs to get her pool cleaned out. Pool boy Rodney gets the call, and soon he's checking out the task ahead. It doesn't take too long for our horny housewife to get ideas in her head. She brings the pool boy a cold soda, flirting with him. Next thing you know, Michele's tongue is down Rodney's throat! The two go inside, and Rodney strips his employer down and starts to play with her pussy. Michele pulls his pants down and begins to suck on Rodney's big fat rod. The pool boy returns the favor, sitting Michelle up on the table and eating out her delicious pussy. Once she's nice and wet, he pushes his dick into her cleanly shaved pussy, giving Michele precisely what she wants. The two lovers fuck in a few positions, and then Rodney pulls out so Michele can jerk his load all over her face and tits. Sweetnas is a gorgeous older woman with blond hair and tattoos. This mature hottie is making an amateur home fuck-vid with her man, Peter. He kisses his way down her belly until his face is between Sweetnas' sweetness. He licks out her cunt, stabbing her slit with his tongue as she moans with delight. Then she eases Peter's cock between her lips and sucks lovingly on his shaft. They adjust their bodies, and soon the two lovers are engaged in an awesome 69 session. Next, Sweetnas gets on her knees and Peter slips his cock into her from behind. He fucks her sure and steady, grinding his pelvis as his dick plunges into Sweetnas' sweet cunt. The fucking builds to a climax, and Peter loses it. He blasts his load deep in her wet pussy, giving her a messy, gooey cream pie. Sweetnas spreads her ass and shows us the spooge before cleaning herself up. Melanie is a beautiful, but sometimes bitchy older lady. Today, she wants to suck cock, and god damnit, there's nothing Stunt Cock can do to stop her! She swallows his shaft with ease, filling her entire throat with his fat meat. She licks and slurps at the sensitive flesh, and presses his swollen head into her ample titties. It doesn't take Stunt Cock too long to blow his load all over Melanie's face.

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