Horror Stories

Released at: September 26, 2018 by Artsploitation Films
Horror anthologies might be everywhere these days, but the Korean entry ~~Horror Stories~~ raises the bar with four terrifying stories (and a nail biting wrap around tale), each one chilling enough to be its own feature. If you thought this was going to be a tame collection of teen friendly "ghost girl" stories - think again. ~~Horror Stories~~ goes right for the jugular with nonstop splatter, intense shocks and riveting suspense. A high school girl is abducted and forced by a psycho to tell him the scariest tales she knows. Stories Include ============ Don't Answer The Door ------------------------------------- ~~Don't Answer The Door~~ find a little brother and sister home alone at night and under age. Endless Flight ---------------------- ~~Endless Flight~~ has a serial killer escaping police custody in the middle of an otherwise empty flight. Secret Recipe ---------------------- ~~Secret Recipe~~ serves up a wildly macabre fairy tale about two jealous stepsisters who take plastic surgery to nightmarish extremes. Ambulance On The Death Zone --------------------------------------------------- Claustrophobic zombie shocker with a paramedic and a mother at a standoff over her possibly infected young daughter.

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