Hot Bods & Tail Pipe Vol.4

Released at: March 12, 2001 by Celestial
Like vintage cars? I thought so. Like hot, slutty women? Again, I thought so. Hot Bods and Tail Pipe presents the perfect combination of arguably two of the greatest things in the world - great classic cars and beautiful, cock-nurturing whores. Each scene begins with the car and a girl (or girls) who'll pretty much fuck anybody in it. Every scene goes 3 or 4 ways and includes ample anal action! Furthermore, each scene is completed in typical Stoney Curtis fashion with an explosive, and messy, facial! Just be careful not to soil the interior!

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Scene1: 00:03:01 - 00:31:16 (28:15)

Scene2: 01:01:05 - 01:30:33 (29:28)

Scene3: 01:30:34 - 02:01:36 (31:02)

Scene4: 02:01:38 - 02:10:52 (9:14)