Hot Buttered Blues

Released at: May 19, 1998 by Cal Vista
Director Jace Rocker captures the spirit of the late 60s, including Bonnie Parker berets, Indian mystics, the blues, and free love. There's hot sex here! An opening scene with the incredible Misty Rain is an example, her coupling with Julian is hot! Dave Hardman and Rick Masters are Indian mystics who meditate on the distractions of the flesh as they transcend Alyssa Allures and a blonde love child's claims, illuminating their Western assholes in a group scene. The two bestow upon the girls' faces a load of holy jizm fresh from their Ganges source! If you like the blues, this will please. For others, the raw sex is right there.

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Scene2: 00:10:57 - 00:17:05 (6:08)


Misty Rain

Scene3: 00:19:40 - 00:27:24 (7:44)

Scene4: 00:36:45 - 00:48:28 (11:43)

Scene5: 00:55:20 - 01:00:25 (5:05)

Scene6: 01:04:05 - 01:10:27 (6:22)