Housewives Unleashed 48

Released at: June 29, 2012 by Homegrown Video
Bambi is a super-hot Puerto Rican housewife. She's a little nervous, since she's ready to film her first amateur sex scene for Homegrown Video. She shows off her awesome tits and shaved pussy. Then she gets on her knees to slurp down Johnny's thick meat. She sucks him off, and swallows his balls, getting him ready for some fucking. Bambi spreads her legs and Johnny starts to fuck her good and hard. His amateur camera work captures all the hot fucking action. The scene ends with Johnny spurting his creamy seed all over our Latina housewife's bouncing titties! Sade is a beautiful brunette housewife who likes to unwind by smoking a little grass out by the side of the house. Unfortunately, her house is on cop Maxxx's beat. Busted! Having better things to do than go to jail, Sade pops her tits out, and Maxxx can't resist. Soon, cop and perp are making out, with officer Maxxx's finger buried in out housewife's wet pussy. He slides his cock into her tight slit and sexy Sade is soon moaning and writing in pleasure. Justice is served when Maxxx blasts Sade's pretty face with his warm cum. Heather is about to begin her life as a dedicated housewife. What better way to begin married life than by fucking the guy who's going to be videotaping your wedding? Heather pulls down Michael's pants and his cock slips down her throat. She strips out of her wedding dress and spreads her legs. Michael eases his cock into her wet twat and starts to fuck her on the couch. Pre-marital jitters are eased with orgasms and face full of gooey semen!

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