How I Became A Sexual Slave

Released at: August 5, 2015 by DORCEL (English)
**2016 AVN Nominee for Best Drama 2016 AVN Award Nominee for Best Screenplay 2016 AVN Award Nominee for Best Editing** India and her sisters are beautiful women who possess irresistible charms...and a determination to seduce the most powerful men on the planet! They understand that in this man's world; a woman's gotta do whatever it takes to get ahead. They've formed a secret society of women bound by their lusts and desires. But for their secret society to endure over time, they need to recruit and train new young women who are both beautiful and obedient. India has had her eye on Scarlet for many years. This beautiful and experienced woman who leads the sorority sees great potential in this pretty blonde with a perfect body and intends to make good use of it. Perverse initiations, lesbian orgies, exhibitionism, etc. Scarlet's first steps into the sorority will be particularly eventful!

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