How To Train A Delinquent Teen

Released at: December 2, 2011 by West Coast Productions
How to Train a Delinquent Teen, which is the question! So how do you do it? First let's start with Lola Foxx, she shows up late to detention and ponders her future. She can't take her eyes of her teacher and herself. How does she get out of detention? You'll have to see! Second is Callie Cobra, one naughty girl, fails her final exam and calls a tutor. It's more of a pounding as she learns how to swallow and ride big cocks. Third is Brianna Love, a superstar freak of celebrity capacity! She skips chemistry and crashes with her friend. If you've never seen a white girl take out two police men, anything goes. Including some double penetration action! Fourth is Amy Quinn. The principle gives her mother a phone call, telling her that her daughter is dressing like a whore. Never mind she was smoking in the hall. Last but not least is Sara Monroe, she never wants to leave college, and with her grades she won't! She get's nailed by her teacher and trust me the teacher teaches her how to focus, by shoving his monster black cock in her pink pussy.

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