I Can't Believe I Knocked Up Two Sluts

Released at: April 8, 2011 by Lethal Hardcore
Jynx loves sharing her boyfriend's big cock with her friend Shay, so when he got home he pounded them both hard and came inside them, This dream became a nightmare 9 months later! Talon is a real ladies man, so when he knocked up Charlie and Alexia , he didn't stop fucking other sluts, until they plotted a plan for revenge! Darcy and Billy gave their babysitter Alyssa a raise, she was so happy that she fucked them and tossed their salads, but they both got pregnant, so her job just got harder. Miya and Hayden couldn't pay the rent, so they fucked the landlord, but the tables have turned because they both got pregnant, so he will be getting fucked by them for the next 18 years!!!

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