I Love Anal 2

Released at: May 4, 2022 by Evil Angel - Jonni Darkko
Cute blonde Katalina Kyle has huge knockers with pierced nipples. In a sequined lingerie ensemble and heels, she bounces her big boobs and twerks. Rob Piper stuffs his big Black cock straight up her lube-shiny ass. He pumps hard and spanks her cheeks red as the smiling girl whimpers. When Katalina spreads her crack, Rob squirts more grease into her pink sphincter and all over her rear. She squeals dirty talk through a doggie-style anal reaming. Desperately horny, she licks her nipple as Rob pulls her hair and slam-fucks her butthole. 'It's so romantic,' quips Katalina. They French kiss passionately, and she licks his chiseled chest. Giving an ass-to-mouth blowjob, Katalina strokes and chokes on his thick boner and laps his slobber-soaked scrotum. Rob fucks her pussy as the squealing, dirty-talking girl's big, fleshy rump humps and rolls. She pulls her legs back to her head so the stud can drill both holes. 'I love making dicks happy,' says Katalina. Her tight, slick anus gapes, showing lube. Rob rims her and licks her bald twat. She masturbates through more oiled rectal reaming, and she worships his fragrant prick. Rob floods her forehead, nose and lips with a cum facial. Katalina swallows semen. Slender, lithe Black vixen Alexis Tae flaunts her natural body, and we can see the butt plug inserted beneath her mauve fetish lingerie. Tattooed, bearded young stud Apollo Banks can't miss her beautiful, shapely butt. Alexis kneels for a blowjob plus two-hand stroking and ball lapping. He grips her by the head to fuck her face, making her gasp. The dirty-talking girl says she wants to feel every inch of his big cock in her ass. They work his lubed erection all the way up her snug rectum. Slamming, thigh-slapping, side-saddle sodomy makes Alexis wail and squeal nasty vocabulary. When Apollo pulls out, her anus gapes. Spurred by spanking and fingering, she inhales his boner in a wild, deepthroat, ass-to-mouth BJ spiced with spit. Alexis lies back, legs splayed, for more anal reaming. Her winking bunghole opens, showing pink rectal tissue. Alexis masturbates, spews verbal encouragement and shows off her gaping talent. Bent over a couch for a doggie-style buttfuck, she intermittently opens her cavernous sphincter. Apollo smacks her cheeks as he sodomizes her amid more worshipful, A2M head. A cum facial splashes her from forehead to tongue, and a false eye lash comes loose! Apollo rubs spunk into her skin; Alexis kisses her semen-slopped image in a mirror! Hot Tommy King has long hair with bangs, lush lips and natural tits. She teases in heels and sheer lingerie over her fleshy, flexing, deeply cleaved rear cheeks. Lean, young Black stud Damion Dayski brings his dominant demeanor, tattoos and 12-inch big Black cock. Poolside, Tommy gives a blowjob; Damion grips her by the hair to fuck her mouth. Slobber strings running down to her tits, she laps his balls. His dirty talk encourages lewd behavior. Indoors, he spanks her ass and licks her shaved pussy. Tommy says, 'My asshole wants you so bad,' so Damion drives his gigantic boner straight up her butt. She rocks back onto him, ecstasy on her face. He grips her throat for a hard, doggie-style anal cramming. Every time he pulls out, her anus gapes more, and her fingers stretch her sphincter wider still. The dirty-talking girl says, 'Keep fucking my big, slutty ass,' and she masturbates as he does. Tommy gives ass-to-mouth head, saliva coating his shaft and scrotum. She digs fingers into her throat to generate more spit. Her big hams jiggle through an anal ride. Sodomy in multiple positions comes with more choking, A2M and gaping. When Damion cums on her tongue, Tommy plays with the slop. Pretty, slender Asian Nicole Doshi's long, dirty blonde hair extends down to her tight butt. She teases in red stockings, bra, panties and heels, with an 'i (heart) anal' tank top and then tells stud Rob Piper, 'I want you to destroy my asshole today.' He works his big Black cock straight up her oiled rear, making her gasp and moan. He spanks her as he buttfucks her doggie-style. The imposing dude easily manipulates her little body as he sodomizes her in multiple positions. Nicole kisses his mouth and then goes down for a luxurious, spit-sloppy, ass-to-mouth blowjob. She manages to deepthroat his impressive girth, and when he fucks her throat, she plays with the resulting slobber. Nicole splays legs for a greased anal reaming. Her plum-colored sphincter gapes, showing her innards! Rob's prick alternates pounding her pussy and bunghole. Amid more ass fucking and spit-streaming, A2M fellatio, she masturbates, tastes her finger and squeezes lube from her anus. Per Rob's instructions, Nicole mouths his balls and begs for his cum. A nasty cum facial drenches her from hairline to chin in syrupy spunk. Nicole plays lewdly with the jism, which bastes her boobs.

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