I Swallow 10

Released at: May 21, 2001 by Rodney Moore
**How To Be A Good Agent:** Nave Kirsten moves to Hollywood seeking stardom. She tells Rubee, her very reputable casting agent, that she'll do anything to make it as an actress. But Rubee strongly discourages even topless scenes. Rubee refers Kirsten to Rodney, unaware that he makes that kind of movie. When he gets Kirsten alone, Rodney has her undress for some nude shots. Rubee returns to find Kirsten on her knees giving a blow-job. The shocking result could only happen in Hollywood. **Cum Dome:** Cute Devlyn has wild sex with Rodney, and when he asks where she wants his cum, she cums clean and swallows ever drop of his spunk. **On Her Knees:** Shooting sexy European Nikita, Rodney notices her very bruised knees. She illustrates how she spends a lot of time on her knees and then swallows every drop. **Hooker Alley:** He first met pretty Brooklyn on his "Birthday Bash" shoot, but now Rodney finds her on Hooker Alley. This hard working girl swallows hard! **Protein Power:** Alicia is a "thirtysomething" bodybuilder whose strongest muscles are in her mouth. And all the "protein supplements" she swallows make her all the stronger. **Time For Pussy:** Posing for photos makes Raquel horny, so she demands that Rodney lick her pussy. Fair enough .. As long as he can fuck her mouth hard and shoot a big load down her throat. **Magazine Rack:** Aaliyah is a very busty Asian girl who loves to suck cock and swallow semen. But she doesn't let that interfere with her reading.

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