I Will Win Or Die Trying

Released at: January 15, 2008 by Brandenburg Collection
In this match up, sexy young (19 year-old) Nikita returns with her catwalk looks and acrobat's physique to tangle with tall, blonde and athletic 23 year-old newcomer Sondra. The girls fight with great spirit in a battle with definite erotic undertones. By the time a victor emerges she is so turned on sexually that she has to find release, and her beaten foe is the perfect outlet for her filthy desires. There are all sorts of great wrestling moves and holds used during this fight right up until the erotic ending. There are head scissors, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, inescapable headlocks and other holds too numerous to count, each applied to maximum effect. With each girl in turn taking the upper hand, its anyone's match right up until the end when one girl is finally compelled to submit, and can defend herself no further. Once victory has been firmly established and there is no more fight left in the beaten girl, the victor has the opportunity to take out her frustrations by humiliating her foe even further. This is a great video with lots of great action, and something for fans of every taste.

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