Ignite Vol. 5

Released at: July 14, 2022 by Blacked
Mary is at an age where she wants to explore the world, see new faces, and try new things. While vacationing and working on her photography, this sexy sight-seer spots something she probably shouldn't photograph. What else her camera captures, she'll never be able to show the folks back home. Who do pop stars go for when they're off-stage? The guys who aren't bowled over by their glamour. When Aila's new producer stands up for himself, she finds herself going with the flow and soon their bodies are locked in a hot new rhythm. Water always follows the path of least resistance... and so does Natalie. A con woman out to rob rich men, Natalie gets caught red-handed, but she has a plan to help her navigate a sticky situation. Tourist season is winding down and busty blonde concierge Freya is getting bored and lonely in an empty boutique hotel. When a handsome, helpful stranger arrives for a stay, he has the hotel and its luscious hostess all to himself. Put your other plans on hold and let Freya show you the true meaning of hospitality.

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