Impregnating StepMom

Released at: February 6, 2021 by Horny Household Clips
Conors sexy Step Mom Carmen Valentina comes into his room, sits on the bed, and tells him they need to have an important talk. She explains that she and his Dad have been trying to conceive, and Conor because excited at the prospect of having a new younger sibling.. But StepMom explains that it isnt going to work because she just got a call from the fertility clinic and Dads sperm count is low, so conception is impossible. However, Carmen explains to her step son that his father is not yet aware of the clinics verdict, so Step Mother presents her crazy idea.. Since Conor and his dad share the same the same genes and DNA, Conor could impregnate Carmen, and nobody would ever know the difference. Conor is hesitant at first, but Step Mommy starts stroking his crotch, and he agrees to the favor. They both strip out of their clothes, and Step-Mom tells her now horny step-son that she read a womans chances of conceiving are higher if she just had an orgasm, so Conor begins to eat Carmens pussy. Step Mommy cums, and then returns the oral favor. The family pair fuck in doggystyle and then missionary, with Conor cumming inside his StepMoms tight pussy. Carmen lays back with her legs in the air to insure in the insemination takes.

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