In Praise of Older Women Volume #5

Released at: November 23, 2017 by Jerky Girls
When Joclyn's stepson, Sonny, is sick in bed with a fever...Mom comes to the rescue! Mom puts a cool facecloth on Sonny's forehead and curls up beside him on the bed. Mom knows how to make young boys feel better when they are under the weather. Mom starts to rub Sonny's crotch underneath the comforter. Sonny asks his stepmom what she is up to and Mom explains that she used to make his brothers feel better by masturbating them when they didn't feel well and Mom pulls down the comforter and starts to stroke Sonny's cock. Sonny is too tired to resist and lets Mom jerk his cock. When Mom takes off her shirt, Sonny is mesmerized by Mom's big tits, and he sucks on her nipples as she continues to masturbate him. Sonny cums hard onto his own face and falls asleep. Mom lovingly cleans him up and kisses him gently on the forehead and says "Let's see Mrs. Cleaver do that!" It's every boy's worst nightmare! Poor Brad is alone in his room masturbating furiously when his stepmother walks in on him, with a laundry basket! Mom watches for a while, as Brad has his eyes closed. Whacking his cock while he thinks about a girl in his class at university. Mom is stunned. She has never seen her son doing this to himself before...and she is mesmerized. After a few minutes, Brad opens his eyes and realizes that he is not alone! Horrified and embarrassed, Brad covers himself up, and yells at his stepmom for being in his room. Mom tells him that masturbating is completely normal...and she even offers to give him some help! Mom takes Brad's penis, and to his surprise, puts it in her mouth and starts to suck on it! Brad is humiliated but at the same time he realizes that his stepmom is REALLY good at it! Mom sucks Brad and then she shows him how a cock is supposed to be jerked! Mom, who is an old timey Jerky Girl, jerks her stepson's cock off to an explosive cumshot! It's true what they say...Mom jerks nest! Amanda is one sexy MILF! When her sink is broken, and she has a plumber come over to look at it. She is shocked to hear that the repair will cost a whopping $1000! Amanda doesn't panic, however. She knows that all men are stupid. So, she asks the plumber if he wants to watch her new dance routine that she has been working on. Amanda is a stripper...and she has a practice room in her house, equipped with a pole! As Amanda begins her routine, the bill is $1000. Amanda negotiates the price downward as each article of clothing comes off! By the time she strips naked, the bill is down to only $200! Realizing that the plumber is now very excited. Amanda offers to relieve his "tension" with a handjob. Amanda jerks-off the plumber and then she requests that he "clear her pipes" by giving her an orgasm! The plumber masturbates Amanda to a gigantic squirting orgasm! When all is said and done, the plumber now owes her $100! Hey boys! The hottest MILF ever to grace the pages of Jerky Girls is back! The legendary Miss Delaney returns! Not only does the goddess Miss Delany make a return visit to the J.E.R.K. Corporation, she decides to award the Employee Of The Month Award, which is Cunt Licking, to the Employee Of The Month! Miss Delaney summons the lowly slave who has been determined to be the most obedient milk cow for the month and tells him that, before she beats him off, he may actually lick her cunt! After awarding the most precious gift of all, her cunt, Miss Delaney Yanks all the sperm out of the lowly employee!

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