Inappropriate Encounters

Released at: July 6, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
JW Ties continues to bring about the most inappropriate of encounters to the XXX screen. In the third, he manages to win a bet against a lesbian, and so much more! **Kelly**: I've been a lesbian all my life but after a crazy bet, I became a weekend sex slave for a male friend of mine! To start my humiliation he had me suck his nasty cock while he played with my ass. Soon he had me straddle his cock and ride it which felt kinda good. I begged him not to cum inside me but he was so hot with the idea of fucking a lesbian he blew a huge load inside me. He pounded me all weekend long but in the end he got his - he got me pregnant and I got a lawyer! He's paying for that wild weekend now! **Penny Jean**: My brother's fiance's cousin needed a place to stay. I picked him up at the airport and took him back to my place. After showing him the house we watched a bit of TV and went to bed. I woke up the next morning on the living room floor naked next to him with stick trails of jizz between my thighs. I started getting flashes of walking the night before and remembered what happened. I was shocked and turned on at the same time! ** Vionah Merci**: Vionah thinks she's auditioning for a clinical sex tape. After hearing this rehearsal involves actual sex; she's a bit apprehensive but she's OK with it after some assurances. Vionah is shy and very nervous and treats the entire situation very clinically. She's bamboozled into different sex acts all the while thinking this video will be used to help people. She never realizes the only one being helped is her "acting partner." Only when her partner shoots a warm load all over her ass does she begin to realize she's been had!

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