Indecenti Desideri Anali (Indecent Anal Desires)

Released at: September 7, 2011 by ATV Entertainment
These hot 40 year old's passion for cock never goes out.. this shadowy blonde knows how to seduce her fiery lovers, these sluts love to feel the center of sexual attention of two horny men that will enjoy a double penetration. Laura is a woman of class but when it comes to cutting lose all sense of shame, she seduces her man with all her body and gets her pussy licked and fucked in every hole. Catherine's manager takes advantage of her, his secretary, in the office. She submits to his every desire and quenches his thirst for hot girl cum. And finally three friends are sititng at a cafe table and they decide on a bet and go to see Wendy a friend who despite her age is still a cock craving slut.

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