Interns, The

Released at: August 23, 2010 by New Sensations
Can these girls handle the competition and the delectable pressure? Editor In Chief of Haute Couture Magazine Julia Ann is a ruthless, posh and cruel woman who makes all her interns proves how badly they want to be part of the "In" crowd. But what she doesn't expect is these girls teaching her how to take her ruthlessness from the boardroom to the bedroom! Samantha (Ryan), one of the lucky girls to land the exclusive internship, will do anything to get ahead. Ruth (Zoe Britton), Samantha's main competitor, sets out to use the naïve Allie (Haze) to set Samantha up for a fall from grace. Little does Ruth know she has stepped on one too many toes, and interns Zoe (Voss) and Violet (Monroe) have it out for her. Who will "break their heel and fall off the runway?" Come and find out as we reveal a Fashion Industry tale of backstabbing, true love and stilettos.

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