Interracial Icon Vol. 13

Released at: January 29, 2020 by Blacked
Two American GFs by the pool shared Airbnb. One girl gets jet-lagged and goes back to the room. **Mia** is left alone by the pool of the boutique hotel. Freddy is on vacation too and seduces Mia by the pool. **Karlee** is Jason's biggest fan. As a famous boxer, she follows all his appearances, and when Karlee is asked to be part of his pre-fight ritual by his manager, she can't possibly resist the opportunity. When he arrives, she is ready and waiting for him and in no time at all they are in the bedroom and she begins to release his stress in the best way possible... After her insane sexual encounter with Mr M, **Kendra** has been put 'on loan' by him to a very big client of his. She was shocked at first, but Mr M has such a power over her she can't say no. Although she wouldn't normally allow men to treat her like this, she knows that this is going to be another unbelievable experience. **Jessa ** has been so excited about her collaboration with Louis S - she's been wanting to work with him for a long time. She wants the promo shots to be perfect, but the shoot doesn't seem to be going to plan. When Louis sees that Jessa is feeling tense, he knows exactly what she needs to make her relax.

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