Irregular Practice 2

Released at: February 16, 2012 by Relish
Ever woken up in the morning feeling a bit 'dicky', a bit sore, in need of a rub from healing hands? Well, at last there is a place where every medical problem can be seen to - however big or swollen, however small or tight. Welcome to "Irregular Practice", Britain's sauciest surgery! Meet Doctor Hornblower, a man armed with many instruments and a loose interpretation of the Hippocratic Oath! A shy but desperate patient has come to see the good doctor complaining of an acute anal problem - his wife refuses to marry him unless he takes her up her aisle! The good doctor proceeds to demonstrate the prescribed technique for "anus fuckundus" with comely Nurse Pillage as willing volunteer! Meanwhile downstairs in the sperm bank, Mr. Stout is having trouble depositing his load in the pot provided. But he need not worry because Nurse Matilda is on hand to provide a 'patient-friendly' environment. Missing the pot completely, Stout hangs around for some 'post-operative' care as Nurse Matilda spoons his creamy spillage into her own DD cup! Back in the waiting room a pretty young girl has lost her voice. Dedicated Nurse Bateman, always more interested in the patient than their disease, offers some very alternative medicine in the shape of her damp pussy and a big pink dildo to soothe the young lady's throat. Before long, she is utterly cured of laryngitis as she moans, groans and screams with ecstasy, and is left instead with a delightful dose of "lesbian-itis"! Upstairs Doctor Vanilla is dealing with a patient complaining of chronic hypochondria. Thinking that he only has hours to live the kindly consultant allows him to take her temperature using a three speed anal tickler that sets their pulses racing, her pussy panting and his knob throbbing! Finally, back in Doctor Hornblower's surgery Miss Tight, a virgin, is on the couch deluded that she is a nymphomaniac. The doctor pulls out his medical "dick-ionary" and with the assistance of Nurse Pillage's ample charms proceeds to illustrate how she is somewhat muddled with her terms. Three hours later an enlightened Miss Tight exits declaring all is not lost with our public services, "Thank heavens for the Nation's Horniest Surgery - now I know why they call you the NHS"!

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