Irreparable Damage

Released at: February 27, 2014 by California Star Productions
Mrs. Bart-Simpson is very distressed when two apprentice French polishers come around to her expensive townhouse to polish her valuable dining table. "Where is Mr. Humphries? She asks, "We will bring you table up beautifully. However on close inspection, Mrs. Bart-Simpson discovers to her horror that the girls have been using inferior wax, and have left horrible blotches on her table. The only thing going on in her mind is how she is going to punish the young women for the irreparable damage they have caused. She confronts the girls, terrifying them, into submitting to receiving some severe punishments on their bare bottoms. The girls are stripping naked, tawsed and spanked before the cane is brought to bear across their shapely buttocks, leaving more than a few scuffmarks.

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